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Power connector FT-3512

Price ₹250.00

Shock proof ABS cabinet, Ultra durable heavy duty output power

Voltage 220/240V AC

Capacity: 5 Amp

Tech -Mech Micro Switch

Colour - Black

SMPS Power Supply CCTV camera For 8 Channel

Price ₹850.00

AC Input voltage - 130V to 280V

Input frequency: 50/60 - HZ

Output Voltage - 12.0V DC

Operating Temperature: -: 20°c – 60°c

We do customized power supply per Requirement

Very Low noise

Very Low Ripple voltages (mV P-P): < 5%

High efficiency and low energy consumption

Stabilized output

Short circuits And Overload Protection

Over Current Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Short Circuit Auto Restart

Highly Integrated SMPS Switcher .C Design

Available 1.Amp, 1.5.Amp, 2.Amp, 3.Amp, 4.Amp, 5.Amp, 8.Amp, 10.Amp4. Ch, 8.Ch,

  • -₹400.00

reduced price

Honeywell Cush Cool-Laptop Cooling Pad (White)

Price ₹1,699.00 ₹2,099.00
  • Perfect for Laptops of all sizes
  • Sleek open Grill design for superior cooling with maximum air flow
  • Robust Dual fan design for constant and fast cooling
  • Cushioned back for maximum grip and comfort
  • Flip open compartment for convenient storage and the perfect viewing angle
  • USB powered